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Loxa Beauty

Posted in on 9-14-14

LoxaBeauty.comLoxa Beauty is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that supports professional stylists and salons with every sale. Loxa Beauty was founded in 2011 by Janell Shaffer and Danielle McDowell to bridge the gap between the salon and online product sales. Prior to Loxa Beauty, professional salons and stylists were often cut out of the hair care and styling product purchases their clients made online. With online purchases becoming the new norm, this meant that industry professionals were losing out on a major source of revenue. Loxa Beauty is the solution to that problem; they not only provides customers with access to over 3,000 authentic, professional hair and beauty products, but with every purchase they also give a commission to a professional salon and/or stylist of the customer’s choice. When a customer doesn’t choose a particular salon or stylist at checkout, our patent pending Loxa Local program ensures that a salon or stylist within the customer’s local area receives the commission.

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