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Posted in on 8-26-12

Zoobooks Magazine - #1 Kids Animal MagazineZoobooks magazine for kids 6-12, Zootles magazine for kids 2-6 and Zoobies magazine for kids 0-2. Founded in the 1980, we want to encourage a lifelong love of reading and nature in our subscribers.  Zoobooks is designed for animal lovers. Award-winning photos and amazing illustrations captivate kids. The articles are packed with interesting, kid-friendly information. Teachers recommend Zoobooks because of the quality but also the fact that kids love animals and are highly motivated to read more about them. Zootles Magazine for Kids 2-6 is full of animal fun. It’s written just for preschoolers!. The illustrations and stories are charming and educational. We have tons of activities for kids and families in the magazine and online. Zoobies is also our newest magazine for 0-2 year olds. It’s like a little board book full of eye-popping photos and simple text for the youngest animal lover. Introducing our newest addition – Zoobies puts the animal kingdom into a toddler’s hands.